Ostrich Runner

Ostrich Runner 1.0

A free running game that is fun to play, especially for children
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Ostrich Runner is a free running game with a funny story behind it and It is fun to play as well.
It appears that there is an ostrich planet out there and, as it happens every time at the beginning of a world, harmony and peace reign there. However, once the planet is discovered by an evil professor, he decides to steal ostrich eggs so that he can raise a generation of ostrich cyborg soldiers. With a trail of eggs left behind by the stealer, now ostriches must gather a sufficient number of eggs while running to catch the kidnapper. Therefore, you will find yourself in a race with other ostriches, having to jump over tree logs, watch out for opening gates that might hit you and for other traps. Bonuses can be collected on the way and secret locations can be discovered.
Aside from the moving gates and other mobile dangers, the background is also dynamic, with birds flying in the sky, windmills with turning blades and smoke coming out of chimneys. The countryside setting for the race is quite nicely created.

You will probably find it to be a funny race, with each fall making you laugh instead of its getting on your nerves.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fun to play
  • Nice graphics


  • You might find the system requirements to be high
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